About Us

“Our philosophy at RXR is simple: technology needs to be solving real problems. Democratising and empowering customers while being socially responsible. We hope to use our technology in bridging the social divide in education and in protecting the environment” – Ankur Talwar, Founder HART RXR


Our Story

In 2018 HART RXR was founded with the mission of solving real problems though empowering people with technology. The founder, Ankur Talwar, spent many years architecting complex technology solutions for some of the largest global organisations. In 2018 he made the decision to go back to his entrepreneurial roots and develop his own software solutions to solve real world problems through innovative new technology. With his rich experience in the field he clearly recognised the transformative potential of Augmented Reality and Data Intelligence in meeting that goal.

Today, our most important asset, our small but eclectic team of visual artists, hardcore techies, solution consultants and creative souls, with tremendous support from our customers and development partners, have developed AR solutions for multiple industries. Our technology platforms use AR as a channel of interaction, and DI as the engine of decision, making us a part of the small set of global leaders and pioneers in this area.

Our Team

Ankur Talwar

Founder & Chief Architect


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